Grace gets first prize!

Bendigo and District State Secondary Colleges' Combined Student Art Show


End of Semester

It always seems a mad rush to the end of term and it was with a little envy that I saw off the Yr 10’s on their Queensland trip. Teachers at our school make a huge commitment to these activities and they are such an important part of our school culture. It was great last week to meet many parents at the parent interviews, see them at the Art Show and Music Concert on Tuesday and then picking up their students after the social on Wednesday. On all these occasions teachers at the school volunteer some of their own time to make sure that our school continues to have a strong community focus.

Last term will be no less busy and we’ve already had our new Year 7’s in for the “Big Day Out” and our Yr 10’s are gearing up for their time at BSSC (and seem to have a substantial focus on making sure the formal is the usual grand affair). We’re very keen to formalise our classes for next year so please let the school know early if as a family your moving out of the area and your child won’t be with us next year.

I hope that all students have a safe and enjoyable holiday and rest up ready to tackle the rush into the end of the year. Our office will be closed during the holiday break and will re-open when school recommences on Monday 6 th October.

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