On Wednesday we went to the aquarium. We went by train. Before we went inside the aquarium we ate and we walked to the aquarium. When we went inside the aquarium we saw lots of fish we saw sting rays, sharks, sea horses star fish, crocodiles, cat fish, clown fish and penguins. My favourite thing was the clown fish and penguins.

By Na Kyi Say

Student comments about the excursion.

The best things about the day…

“I liked the penguins, cat fish, sting ray and star fish”   Sa Sa Tay

“I love the penguins, sea horses, octopus, turtles, crocodiles and the fish.” Si Blu Hsoe

“The excursion was really good. Everything was awesome. The thing I liked the most were the huge sharks.” Khatima

“The best things about the Aquarium were all the different kinds of fish, and the movie, ‘Ice Age’.  Eh Wah Paw

“I liked how the penguins walk. We also watched a movie called ‘Ice Age’. My favourite animal was the turtle.” December

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