Year 7 Girls Badminton Champions


Congratulations to the Year 7 Girls Regional Champions Badminton Team. 

Most of these girls had never played badminton 3 months ago and now they are champions winning the Regional's and off to the State Competition in September. 

The team has been training hard every Tuesday and Friday lunchtime and have also shown amazing commitment by playing with the local Eaglehawk Badminton Club. 

The girls said they could barely sleep last night as they were so excited for today! 

They've been such a joy to coach and were full of smiles all day.

Special thanks to Sam Graham for coaching them in lunchtimes as well. Big effort!

Please get around and congratulate them when you see them.

Leigh, Wasa and Ther Ree

Year 7 Girls Badminton Champions

Badminton 07.JPG