COVID-19 Update - 17th March 2020


Continuation of Learning 

17th March 2020


Dear parents/carers,


We are not expecting any closure of our school as a result of Covid-19 mitigation measures.

However, we want to ensure that students are able to continue their learning if there are changes to current advice.


I would like to assure you that classes at school continue to run as normal, and we will inform you of any change to that arrangement.  We remain committed to ensuring your childs’ continuation of learning in the event of a forced closure.


Besides preparing for continuity of learning for our students, extending our ICT capacity to include better direct student to staff communication will be an important addition to our tools for supporting student learning both now and into the future.


In the event that students are unable to attend school for any reason (now and into the future) and in preparation for closure if that is directed by relevant authorities, I would like to ask you to assist us in putting some measures in place.


  1. Ensure that student netbooks are taken to school each day fully charged and then home again each night.

  2. Continue to monitor Compass and support your child/ren to complete and submit learning tasks via that platform.

  3. During Teacher Advisory at school tomorrow, students will be assisted to ensure they are able to log on to Outlook 365, enabling direct student to staff communication via email.

  4. This new email system will allow greater ICT flexibility moving forward with a range of other ICT supports, that we will alert you to as / if needed.

  5. The new email will take a few days to be reflected on Compass.

  6. A hard copy of the login codes, password, instructions and this letter will be mailed this afternoon.

  7. Please contact the school if you have any questions.


Information shared with our families via Compass yesterday can be found overleaf. 

Further information can be found by visiting the below links.


Thank you very much for the support of your child and their education at our school,

Ian Berry

Assistant Principal

Eaglehawk Secondary College

5446 8099

Coronavirus Update 16/03/2020

On Sunday evening schools received additional directions in response to the evolving coronavirus situation.   These directions are to focus on the health and safety of everyone within the school community and to maintain focus on the teaching and learning programs day-to-day at school for all students.  

New directions are as follows:


All camps scheduled to commence from and including Tuesday 17 March must be postponed and rescheduled, or, if there is no other option, cancelled.

For the purposes of excursions, a school excursion is defined to include local parks and sporting facilities regularly used by the school, including local swimming pools.

All excursions outside the school for purposes such as visits to cultural institutions, art galleries, theatres and sporting events or facilities (other than those local facilities regularly used by the school) planned from and including Tuesday 17 March must also be postponed or cancelled.


Everyone arriving into Australia from overseas from midnight on 15 March will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. This obviously includes students and staff who may be returning from overseas excursions or other travel.

Importantly, it also includes parents and carers and any other relatives or friends of your students who are returning from overseas travel. As they are required to self-isolate, they must not visit the school to pick up children or for any other reason. Please remind your parents and community members of this.

In addition, in response to the New Zealand Government’s travel restrictions announced over the weekend, staff and students can no longer travel to New Zealand. This is effective from yesterday, Monday 16 March 2020.


No government school is currently closed or in the process of being closed. Schools will be informed directly if there is any prospect that our school will be closed, either as a stand-alone school closure or as part of a local or area-based closure. We will then be provided with detailed advice, a step-by-step guide and communication resources to support through that process.


The Commonwealth Government has announced that mass gatherings of more than 500 people are now prohibited. This explicitly does not include schools running normal teaching and learning program. It does, however, apply to any school event that involves attendance by community members who are not students or staff (where staff includes support staff) and where total attendance will exceed 500. This includes school assemblies and sporting events.  This will also include our involvement in events such as Easter parades and potentially ANZAC Day ceremonies.

It does not include parent-teacher events unless we expect there to be more than 500 people including community members to be present at any one time.  These will proceed at ESC early next term unless otherwise advised.

Our school will not have any whole school assemblies for the remainder of the term and will continue this arrangement if necessary next term.

Our school will continue to promote and use good hygiene practices and provide Learning Communities and other specialists teaching areas with hand sanitizer.   


Further updates will be provided as they arise.   Please don't hesitate to contact the College if required.

"We are committed to keeping children safe from harm and have a zero tolerance of child abuse"

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