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English as an Additional Language (EAL) at Eaglehawk Secondary College

Eaglehawk Secondary College provides a supportive, inclusive and comprehensive EAL Program.

As well as an EAL Teacher, the school employs two full-time Multicultural Aides, who are fluent in Karen, Poe Karen, Sgaw Karen, Thai, Burmese and English.

Students are provided with a wide variety of contexts in the classroom to practise their communication skills and are exposed to a variety of language learning tasks in all three language dimensions: Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Students are assessed against the stages of the EAL Developmental Continuum by the EAL teacher in consultation with their English teacher.

Depending on individual needs, students receive support both inside and outside the classroom. Small groups, run in the school’s Cultural Hub, offer the opportunity for students to learn together in a relaxed and supportive environment.

New arrivals are given one-to-one support consisting of two lessons per week with an EAL Teacher from the Victorian School of Languages in Melbourne via Webex online, providing intensive English lessons tailored to their individual learning needs. 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities for EAL students at ESC

  • Eaglehawk Secondary College encourages and supports EAL students to go on school camps to develop their English conversational skills and to enhance their knowledge of Australian life.

  • EAL students are involved in the GROW Program. This allows them the opportunity to meet other students and practise their English in a relaxed outdoor setting.

  • Many EAL students are involved in dance, school production, the ESC magazine, 3556 Magazine and the Dahlia and Arts Festival.

Work Experience/Pathways for EAL students at ESC

  • Particular attention is given to supporting year 10 EAL students in selecting relevant work experience and in finding part-time jobs.

  • Work experience placements for EAL students have included nursing, education, law, automotive and the building industry.

  • EAL students at ESC have been supported to find work at local businesses – such as the Eaglehawk Bakery and other part-time work for local people.

English as an additional Language (EAL)

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