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Edupass & Outlook Login Instructions

Step one Login to compass
Step two – Hover your mouse over the star on the left of the search box.
When you see this screen:

Edupass Pic 1.jpg

Enter your username and password that is on your letter into these boxes.

Once logged in you should see the window below, follow the instructions on screen to change your password. Your password must have be between 7 and 32 characters long, have a capital Letter, a small letter, a number and a symbol like !@#$%^&*(). Example password: Watermelon@3

Once you have changed your password you can login to Outlook Webmail.


To login to Outlook Webmail:

-Login to compass

-Mouse over the star (to the left of search box)

-Find “OUTLOOK WEBMAIL” and click on it.

You should now see this screen:

Edupass Pic 3.jpg

In the box where it says “Email or phone” type your Edupass username and Add “” at

the end, the is an example of this in the picture above. (Example:


Then press the “Next” Button

You will see this screen again


- Enter your Edupass username


- Enter the new password you created.

- Click “Login”


Your Outlook Webmail inbox should now load and appear on screen.

Edupass Pic 4.jpg

Press the start button on your desktop and find the “Sticky Notes” app on your computer,

open it and write down the new username and password you have made.

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