Our students made us extremely proud this week, as they finally revealed to the community the masterpiece that they had been working on for the most part of this year: Legally Blonde: The Musical.

The audience was whisked away into the (very pink) world of Elle Woods; sorority girl-turned law student. Throughout her journey, Elle tackles sterotypes, snobbery and scandal, proving everybody wrong and learning to believe in herself.

Year 10 student Isabella Hasty shone as the main character, Elle - with a spot-on American accent and pitch perfect voice.

There were many other stand out performances, however the entire cast truly did do our college community proud.

Prior to Monday and Tuesday night's performances, a couple of local primary schools were lucky enough to be able to watch matinee performances of the show - getting a sneak peak into all of the hard work that the team put in.

On both nights, it was great to see the audience full of family members, teachers, general community members and even former students. Many audience members commented on the fantastic humour, singing and dancing within the show.

Our wonderful drama teacher, Judy Chalmers, outdid herself this year. Her dedication and enthusiasm for performing arts was evident, as every student involved - whether the cast or crew - did an outstanding job and put on a performance that our college will always remember.

The hard work of everyone involved with producing the show certainly paid off, as the cast had the audience laughing, cheering and applauding the whole way through. It was so great to be able to be able to witness the talent of the young people within our college - and what a talented bunch they are.

The production theme for 2017 was also announced - Singing in the Rain! We already can't wait.

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