For the last five weeks, a group of our year 8 students have been fortunate enough to be involved with the ‘Boys to Men’ pilot program.

This program aims to help youth at risk of disengaging to learn new skills and grow in confidence. So far the students have been involved with judo and boxing; next month they will participate in lawn bowls here in the Eaglehawk community.

The program teaches them much more than physical skills; with the boys reporting that they feel much better about themselves/their situations when they return to school.

"They get back and feel really good about themselves, which makes a huge difference.” ESC teacher Rohan St Clair said.

“We’re seeing good changes along the way with the program; the kids are really growing.”

"It's been a real positive, the boys go back to school and feel so much lighter, they feel good about things and they go back to the class and feel more engaged.”

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