The SRC provides a forum for students to voice their opinions and ideas and see those ideas through to make a positive impact within the life of the school. The SRC seeks to raise funds for worthy causes, organises school functions and events and develops student leadership. We are always so proud of the work that the team do within our college!


SRC Representatives 2017


Executive Team:

President – Stephanie Trew

Vice President – Amy Rayner

Treasurer – Lain Jackson

Secretary – Damon Marwood


SRC Members:

Name: TA: Community:
Jazmin Tolley 7A Walker
Keely Fullerton 7A Walker
Jayden Jowitt 7A Walker
Mayson Gaylor 7B Lester
Ciaran Noble 7B Lester
Emalee Anderton 7C Lester
Jemma Duncan 7C Lester
Kimberley Godfrey 7C Lester
Camren Downing-Mooney 7D Dowding
Chloe Osborne 7E Dowding
Chelsea Ledwdige 7E Dowding
Rain Forbes 7G Grieve
Mickayla Britton-Wylie 8A Walker
Bianca Cooper 8A Walker
Fiona Murphy 8C Dowding
Ashlyn Hawtin 8C Dowding
Kira Hicks 8C Dowding
Isabel Kelly 8C Dowding
Rebeka Green 8E Lester
Teisha John 8E Lester
Hannah Ilsley 9A Lester
Emily Hill 10A Walker
Janie-Maree Poole 10D Dowding
Lain Jackson 10E Grieve
Amy Rayner 10E Grieve
Damon Marwood 10E Grieve
Amelia Hunt 10E Grieve
Vanessa Campi 10E Grieve
Claire Dunstone 10E Grieve
Esta Fountain 10E Grieve
Takeetah Charvat 10F Lester
Stephanie Trew 10F Lester
Sarah Maggs 10F Lester
Emily Brown 10F Lester


Below are just some of our SRC members for 2017.

SRC 2017