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Eaglehawk Secondary College acknowledges that we meet on Dja Dja Wurrung land. We pay our respects to the elders of the past, present and emerging and acknowledge their spiritual connection to country.


Eaglehawk Secondary College encourages all students to explore culture. Specialist programs are run to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to connect together, explore their culture and lead others in understanding.

Marrung Girls Dance

This group meet weekly for cultural dance sessions. Sessions are run with an aim of competing in the Wakakirri dance competition in August in the Ulumbarra theatre in Bendigo.

Art is also a feature, working with indigenous artists such as Robyn Davis and Lorraine Brigdale. The art sessions are designed for students who would like to connect to culture but do not necessarily want to dance. You can, of course, choose to participate in both art and dance.

Indig Volcanos.png
The two Feuding Volcanos, props for a future Wakakirri dance, 2020.
Indig Sculpture.png
Sculpture work with Lorraine, 2020.

Indigenous Programs

Images created for Community Buildings in 2019 with Robyn Davis.
Indig Pic 1.png
Indig Pic 3.png
Indig Pic 2.png
Indig Pic 4.png
Indig Boys.png
Indigenous Boys - Didgeridoo Workshop
This year we have begun a didgeridoo workshop. These session run for 1 period every fortnight under the guidance of Uncle Paul Chapman. Indigenous boys are encouraged to invite any friend, regardless of culture, to attend to explore and learn the various techniques involved.
Didgeridoo Pic 1.png
Didgeridoo Pic 2.png

Art programs are also included for boys. In 2019, the boys painted didgeridoo blanks. Future art programs for boys include the creation of totems throughout the gardens of the school.

Specialist Programs

Specialist programs are also run throughout the year according to need. These may take the form of career pathways, specific sport sessions such as traditional games, mentoring sessions with aboriginal community leaders and boxing therapy sessions.

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