Outdoor Education - Canoe Trip 2019


Mid night on the Tuesday we finally fell asleep. It was a long drive to Tocumwal on the border of Victoria and New South Wales.

Under a single tarp we all tried to keep warm while sleeping on very thin sleeping mats (Tiny bits of foam designed only to stop the cold coming through – No comfort at all)

Revelry (wake up) was at 6.30am – IT WAS ONLY JUST LIGHT. A rough start to our canoeing trip.

Relaxing on the river was part of the day, but only for those who could steer straight in their canoes!

After a great day on the river with beautiful sun we set about making camp (Our lovely Tarp-mahal), building a nice fire and cooking up Baked Spuds. Yum. Some of us even threw a line in for some fishing.

Yawning, we tucked ourselves into bed. A lot earlier this time! We listened to the story of the Lorax and fell asleep soon after that.

Rising up at 7am, we packed up, had a cold brekki, hot cuppa and got into our canoes and onto the river.

Irritatingly, we had to put our cold, wet, shoes back on before getting in the canoes! This was not fun.

Various activities were undertaken whilst paddling. Improving our canoeing skills, our ability to read the river or some environmental awareness stuff.

Everyone was enjoying themselves in the beautiful surrounds. Koala spotting was high on the to do list.

Rafting up brought all the canoes together. At one stage we drifted as a raft in silence for 10 minutes. Listening….. Listening ….. Listening.

Time to get up on the last morning was 5am! My God, why did we choose to watch the sunrise whilst paddling on the river. An awesome experience listening to the birds and watching the sun rise up over the river.

Rumblings in our stomach told us it was time for breakfast. Unfortunately, our river guides picked a muddy section to get out. Some of us sank up to our thighs in mud! The rest of us just laughed. Hot cuppas, hot chocolates, hot noodles and a fire made us all feel good ready for the rest of the day.

Initially, a lot of us were not that good in the canoes but look how far we have come. 35km downstream from our start and now competent paddlers!

Pulling the canoes out at Morgan’s Mill meant the end of our journey. Glad to have done the trip with all it’s challenges but looking forward to a comfy bed and all the luxuries of home.


Warwick Dundas

Energy Breakthrough Coordinator

Eaglehawk Secondary College

"We are committed to keeping children safe from harm and have a zero tolerance of child abuse"

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