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Project BEaglehawk Secondary College has been extremely excited to introduce an innovative instructional approach to student centred learning in 2019. Our new Teaching and Learning Program has been developed in response to our student feedback, the vision for learning statement of the college (To Develop Aspirant, Resilient Learners who are Empowered Global Citizens) and the ever changing world of work our students are entering. We recognise and understand that to be successful in today’s society, individuals are required to demonstrate a skill set which is vastly different to what industrial age classroom were designed to develop. Eaglehawk Secondary College is committed to preparing our students for their future pathways and equipping learners with skills to open up opportunities.


Every student at Year 7 is involved in a Project Based Learning subject which has given students the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge to personally relevant and real-world situations and utilise the open learning spaces at the College for their intended purpose. Science, Humanities and English have been embedded into the Project Based Learning Program. Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem or challenge. PBL follows the Victorian Curriculum with a focus on challenging students to investigate problems that have a real world connection. PBL supports students to learn skills such as how to think critically and creatively, solve problems, work collaboratively, inquire, communicate with a variety of audiences and engage students in having more agency and voice in their own learning.   Students explore a variety of themes throughout the year. So far this year they have investigated how our understanding of space has changed throughout time. Students used their inquiry skills to direct their own learning, through engaging in structured explicit teaching and open ended learning tasks. The students also spent a day at the Bendigo Tech School developing their design thinking skills, which will be an essential component in supporting their work in future student driven projects. They will have additional opportunities throughout the year to make further connections to community and industry. Student learning will be celebrated at the conclusion of each unit of work with the wider school community and we welcome any community members and/or organisations who would like to join us to please make contact with the school.

Project Based Learning

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