Team Drift headed for State Final

Three of our Year 9 students, Shane, Adam and Jayden  represented ESC at the Quantum Print A Car Competition in Melbourne on Tuesday 13th August. They were required to design and print a CO2 canister car (with very narrow specifications), present a folio to a panel of judges and ultimately compete against other schools for speed. Congratulations to the boys as they cemented a position in the State Final to be held at La Trobe (Bundoora) in November. The boys are extremely proud of themselves and should be commended for their efforts. Most of the work was completed in their own personal time during recess and lunch and of course the mad dash on Monday to finish in time. Team Drift will be in full flight redesigning their cars (to limit incurred time penalties) and improving the quality of their folio in the coming weeks. A special thanks to Mel for her extreme level of patience and perseverance with the team.  

Team Drift 1.jpg
Team Drift 2.jpg