Congratulations to the students who performed in the Wakakirri dance event at the Ulumbarra Theatre.  The Wakakirri crew performed in front of a huge appreciative crowd. Performing last, students had a long wait, but well worth it as they did a fantastic job. The theme was “We stand together” .  The Marrung girls danced first with a cultural dance and then were joined by other students in a celebration dance of understanding, reconciliation and unity despite all obstacles.

The students managed to collect 4 awards for the evening - Participation Award, Best Individual Costume Design, Best Team Work & Best Lighting Design & Call.  Well done to all involved and a special thank you to our Performing Arts Leader Judith Chalmers.

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The week of Monday 27th May - Friday 3rd June was National Reconciliation Week. This year, we had a main focus of the Wakakirri Dance. The Marrung Girls are working with a large number of year 7-9 girls, refining a dance around the theme of reconciliation. We begin with a traditional dance, choreographed by the girls then move into a combination dance of compassion, understanding and reconciliation with the other non – indigenous girls.

Pictured above, Briah Taylor, one of 4 indigenous boys who are currently decorating our Digeridoos for the Wakakirri performance. Base colour on, they are now in the designing process. Other boys involved are Djarron Priest Lombardo, Lachlan West, Jackson Gahan.

"We are committed to keeping children safe from harm and have a zero tolerance of child abuse"

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