Energy Breakthrough 2019

This year Eaglehawk Secondary College celebrates 22 years involvement in the ENERGY BREAKTHROUGH event. It started with one ESC student being inspired by his older brother’s involvement and approaching the principal of the day with a proposal to compete at Maryborough. 1998 was our first race and we have been at every Energy breakthrough since.

Our students are proud to be part of our Energy Breakthrough team and proud of our history within the event. In recent times we have been extremely competitive with many top 10 finishes. In 2017 our ‘Carefactor’ team won the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough race and the Bendigo Grand Prix. In 2019 ESC entered 3 teams in the Wonthaggi HPV Grand Prix and won 2 categories!

We now enter 3  to 4 teams in 3 races throughout. The teams compete in different categories; PARKIE - Junior Secondary, BUSTA – Junior Secondary, CAREFACTOR – Middle Secondary and SUBZERO – Open Secondary. Over 40 students are involved in the EB program which includes riders, pit crew and EB class members.

Students commit to many hours outside of the classroom. This may take the form of training and trike repair or fundraising. It is a different environment to the classroom where students learn or refine new skills and actively problem solve real life situations. Preparing our trikes to compete in the next event throws up many challenging and diverse repair issues. For many, they are passionate about doing something they truly enjoy.

As part of our program we have designed and built a mountain bike track of approx. 1.3km within the school. Mid-week training takes place on mountain bikes around our track and training in the trikes. A select few team members get to participate in ‘Around the Bay’ ride completing a 50km ride up and over the West Gate Bridge.

Our Energy Breakthrough program is a community program. The wider school community and Eaglehawk community are vital in making the program viable. Students work side by side with parents and grandparents, community members and local business owners to put our trikes on the track! The suport at Maryborough by parents who undertake the catering, team management, mechanical repairs, student transport and officiating is simply amazing. Members of the wider community bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the program. Many local business’s support our program through varied forms of sponsorship. Our program could not exist without the valuable input of the wider community. Our students understand this and appreciate it.

Competing in the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough is the culmination of a year long program. Our team competes in the Wonthaggi HPV Grand prix early in the year and the Bendigo Grand prix in August. Maryborough is by far the biggest with entrants from over 200 schools.

The race itself is a gruelling nonstop 24 hours with teams of 8 completing as many laps as possible in the given time. It is a marathon in which both vehicle and riders must keep going. Each rider completes roughly one hour stints and is called upon to repeat this a number of times, at any time of the day or night. Physical and mental toughness is required of the riders with the dedication of the Pit crew also tested.

Each ESC team and those from other schools have different goals and different criteria for success. According to our criteria we have a very successful program with the students benefiting in so many ways. Success on the track has also come our way and has been an added bonus reflecting the hard work and dedication of ALL those involved in the program.

"We are committed to keeping children safe from harm and have a zero tolerance of child abuse"

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